The Spirit of ECASIA

The ECASIA Conference series was born from the recognition by the Dutch SCADEG group and the UKESCA Users Group of the need for a European forum for the applied surface scientist. In late 1982, the structure for the first ECASIA Conference, ECASIA ‘85, was established. ECASIA Conferences have been held in Europe every two years since that time with their proceedings fully published (see: ECASIA Conference Series). The venue for the ECASIA Conference is chosen by the International Steering Committee (ISC) of the ECASIA Association, taking into consideration details of proposed venues and the need to bring the conference to surface analysts in the different regions of Europe.

The ECASIA biennial conferences since 1985 are aimed at, and intended for, those using surface analytical, surface-specific or surface-sensitive techniques for applied purposes. In general, the applications will arise from industrial and technological problems, but the overriding consideration in the material to be presented is that of adding to the body knowledge about materials and techniques. Whatever the subject of a paper, scientific knowledge must be advanced.

Conference topics cover applications to technological and industrial problems, such as adhesion, biomaterials, catalysis, ceramics, corrosion, environmental and heritage studies, glasses, magnetics, metallurgy, microelectronics, nanomaterials, optoelectronics, polymers, superconductors, thin films, tribology and wear. New developments in surface and interface analytical techniques and related micro- and nano-analytical methods are featured as are found timely. Progress in data analysis, metrology, quantification and standards constitutes an enduring and integral theme. The conferences are organised with parallel sessions and have an associated instrument exhibition, preferably all under one roof.


Historic Perspectives