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European Association on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis (ECASIA)

The ECASIA Association is a non-profit international association, which strives to:

  • Bring together people from academia and industry (e.g. universities, federal institutes, national research centers, schools of science and engineering, industrial labs and instrument suppliers) in the fields of applications of surface and interface analysis to stimulate exchange of experience and ideas (see: Spirit of ECASIA)
  • Provide guidelines for the organization of the biennial ECASIA Conferences, since 1985
  • Disseminate and communicate the ECASIA Conferences’ outcome (see: Special Issues)
  • Undertake and support  capacity building, education and training regarding surface analytical, surface specific or surface sensitive techniques for applied purposes
  • Grant the ECASIA Award and student travel grants at the biennial ECASIA conferences

Forthcoming Events

The forthcoming ECASIA conference will be held live from 9th June – 14th June 2024 in Göteburg, Sweden.


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